Pramac - Industrial Gas Generator Systems

Ylem Energy has partnered with Pramac - one of the world’s leading producers of generators - for its GGW Series of gas generator systems. Utilising the Generac industrial spark-ignition engines, they are optimised for performance and responsiveness to load variations – making them ideal for both standby and response power applications.

Standby generation or response power

Available in sizes rated from 200kVA to 750kVA (ESP), Pramac’s natural-gas-fuelled generation systems are perfect for all types of applications and the ideal, more environmentally-friendly replacement for diesel gensets.

The systems can run for extended periods, making them the ideal solution for standby generation or satisfying additional electrical demand with response power.


Our gas generation systems are perfect for any site requiring clean, efficient and reliable standby or response power. The following sectors are perfect examples:

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Public and commercial buildings
  • Data centres 

Available Range

The Pramac GGW series of gas generators is available in the following sizes:

GGW 200G

180kVA   |    200kVA

GGW 300G

270kVA   |   300kVA

GGW 400G

360kVA   |   400kVA

GGW 500G

450kVA   |  500kVA

GGW 750G

675kVA   |  750kVA

Advanced Control

With its Modular Power Systems, Pramac has perfected the process of paralleling generators through the use of integrated control technology. Modular paralleling provides the advantages of redundancy, flexibility and scalability - offering customers up to 99.9999% reliability for critical loads.

The Pramac systems have an on-board control system featuring a 7” colour touchscreen that offers access to all of the most important parameters and its intelligent design enables trouble-free operation and a variety of connectivity from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LAN. Furthermore, the controller uses open-source technology, which enables it to integrate with legacy systems.

The MCPD – Medium Combustion Plant Directive

The Medium Combustion Plant Directive - or more simply MCPD – is legislation designed to improve air quality for new and existing combustion plant and it can affect generators with an electrical output from around 400kW (thermal input from 1MW up to 50MW).

The MCPD’s Emissions Limit Values (or ELVs) focus on the concentration levels of sulphur dioxide (SO2), oxides of nitrogen (NOX), and particulates in exhaust gases from affected plant – plus they require monitoring of carbon monoxide levels (CO), but don’t limit it.

This does affect existing diesel generators and onerous emissions abatement requirements mean that with their low NOX and Particulate matter, our gas-fired generation systems are the perfect answer to compliance as their emissions fall within the permitted ELVs and you’ll avoid a costly upgrade bill.

The cost for upgrading an existing diesel generator to comply with MCPD can be significant ...



Our MCPD-compliant gas generation systems can be provided fully financed as party of our behind-the-meter optimisation solutions

Comprehensive Offer

At Ylem Energy, we can offer a comprehensive package of services to encompass every aspect of a system - from an initial site survey and design, through to finance, installation, operation and maintenance...

Additional energy management services

With expertise in energy management and energy performance contracts, our dedicated team can also help work with you to identify other areas where energy savings can be made, with a range of services and finance options. Find out more...

Fully-financed or outright purchase

We offer our clients the option to purchase our systems outright, or through one of our finance options that includes our Dynamic Power Purchase Agreement (DPPA) that enables us to provide our customers with a fully-financed, comprehensive package that delivers real results without the need for their up-front capital expenditure.

Design, installation, operation and maintenance 

We can not only design and install your systems, but also provide you with a 24-7 operation and maintenance service to cover all of our systems. With a dedicated team of regionally-based engineers providing round-the-clock cover 365 days a year, our service and support is second to none.  Find out more...

Metering and compliance

We can install and manage customer metering systems. With remote monitoring and report generation, this can be used as a standalone solution for our smart generation assets or across a customer’s site to provide compliance and reporting services.

Behind the Meter (BtM) Optimisation

With potential for a fully-financed gas generation system from Ylem Energy, we can turn your existing requirements for standby power generator into a valuable money-saving asset that can help reduce your electricity costs, lower emissions and provide greater resilience for your supply.

This can also include our battery energy storage systems and hybrid options that bring together the benefits from Ylem Energy’s generation and storage system to optimise your energy supply.

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