Flexible Generation, Storage and Optimisation

Ylem Energy's cutting-edge range of gas generation systems, advanced battery storage solutions and optimisation services 

Flexible Generation, Storage and Control

We offer a range of gas generation systems, controls and advance battery storage solutions to help our clients lower their reliance on peak-tariff electricity, improve resilience, reduce carbon emissions and assist in balancing the grid during its transition to a more decentralised configuration.

For business

Saving clients’ money by lowering their reliance on costly imported peak-time energy and increase resilience by avoiding disruption to the productivity of the business, these systems have intelligent controls to optimise their effectiveness. They are sited ‘behind’ the client’s meter – thereby reducing the need for imports during times of high import costs, such as Red or Amber-band DUoS charges and Triad periods.

This service does not operate in isolation and can  be combined with Ylem Energy’s other systems to bring together the benefits from all of Ylem Energy's optimisation technologies. Find out more...

Existing back-up generation

If a site has existing emergency back-up generation systems, we can often incorporate them into the flexible generation system, which helps lower the capital cost of a project by utilising an otherwise under-utilised asset. With the arrival of the MCPD regulations, we can also provide clean, gas-fired generation systems that mitigate the onerous requirements for cleaning up diesel-fuelled systems.

Income generation and supporting network resilience

Our system can also be sited and operated as a completely standalone generation asset – creating income by being made available round-the-clock to provide services to the National Grid in order to balance the electricity network or by opportunities for trading in the wholesale electricity market.

Flexible Power Generation

Gas-fired generation solutions that offset peak-time demands and help provide stability for the network

Battery Storage System

Our pre-packaged advanced battery storage system can provide network resilience by coming online at short notice to meet the demands of the network

Comprehensive Offer

At Ylem Energy, we can offer a comprehensive package of services to encompass every aspect of a system - from an initial site survey and design, through to finance, installation, operation and maintenance...

Additional energy management services

With expertise in energy management and energy performance contracts, our dedicated team can also help work with you to identify other areas where energy savings can be made, with a range of services and finance options. Find out more...

Fully-financed or outright purchase

We offer our clients the option to purchase our systems outright, or through one of our finance options that includes our Dynamic Power Purchase Agreement (DPPA) that enables us to provide our customers with a fully-financed, comprehensive package that delivers real results without the need for their up-front capital expenditure.

Design, installation, operation and maintenance 

We can not only design and install your systems, but also provide you with a 24-7 operation and maintenance service to cover all of our systems. With a dedicated team of regionally-based engineers providing round-the-clock cover 365 days a year, our service and support is second to none.  Find out more...

Metering and compliance

We can install and manage customer metering systems. With remote monitoring and report generation, this can be used as a standalone solution for our smart generation assets or across a customer’s site to provide compliance and reporting services.

Find out more

Whether it’s just the efficient operation and maintenance of your existing gas-fired generation systems, or you require a detailed analysis of your site’s energy demands, with us then implementing flexible generation systems, controls and demand-side response technology, we can help save you money.

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