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Our History

Ylem Energy Ltd is a leading independent power generation specialist, founded on its ability to generate energy from biogas fuels sourced from landfill and AD processes.

Over the past 25 years, we have developed and operated landfill gas-to-energy projects in the UK, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Morocco, Mexico and South Africa. Our team is committed to finding new and innovative solutions to manage gases efficiently in order to generate energy, reduce carbon emissions and meet relevant environmental requirements.

Whilst our business has historically focussed on producing electricity from biogas fuels, our enviable experience has led us to extend our capabilities to meet the needs of all types of gaseous-fuelled reciprocating generation and associated systems.

With such experience, coupled with our technical and commercial capabilities, following significant investment in research and development, we have further extended our offering to encompass advanced flexible generation systems that enable better balancing of the grid and lower our energy-intensive clients’ reliance on importing costly peak power. This benefits the clients and helps ease the energy network’s transition to decentralised generation.

Why Ylem?

Ylem Energy has a proven track record of delivering projects in many countries around the world and is experienced with the complexities of integrating standalone utilisation projects into the national grid of the host country and selling power in complex markets.

Since our inception in the early 1990s, we have amassed an enviable experience that has delivered hundreds of megawatts of installed capacity and tens of millions of hours’ operation.

From the initial site visit and outline design, through to successful completion, Ylem Energy has the skills and capacity to carry out detailed assessments and derive the optimum solution for projects.

We are also able to deal with all the statutory authorities to ensure that local planning and permitting is progressed. Ylem Energy will provide the necessary finance for the project, and manage the construction works through to a successful commissioning.

Once built the project will benefit from Ylem’s long term in-house operating regime, where our skills and knowledge of our operating staff will be utilised to deliver efficient and productive performance.

Funding Options

Ylem Energy has long tradition of self-financing projects, both at the initial capital stage and throughout the project life cycle in support of the operational service and support requirements. This flexible approach is important to ensure small- to medium-scale projects, typical of the type developed by Ylem Energy, can be financed quickly without third-party involvement which would slow the process and perhaps become a barrier to the development of certain projects.

Ylem Energy prefers to build, own and operate projects for the long term and, as such, our one-stop -shop solution benefits all concerned.

Where we operate

Ylem Energy has always looked beyond the United Kingdom in pursuit of countries that can host projects and benefit from our extensive skill and knowledge base which has been developed over many years of success operations within the UK. This approach has led to the development of gas-related projects in many countries.

The management team at Ylem Energy is proud of its long history of successful collaboration with partners around the globe. Currently we have operations in the following countries UK, South Africa and Mexico. One of the huge benefits from Ylem Energy’s overseas presence is the transfer of skills and the creation of key employment locally, wherever Ylem operates.

It is always our intention to create locally managed and resourced businesses wherever it has the opportunity to develop projects. Additional to this Ylem Energy provides other benefits locally through participation with, or the creation of, charitable trusts so that some of the financial benefits of the projects can be used locally to benefit the surrounding communities. This is most evident in South Africa where our charitable trust, set up in collaboration with our joint venture partners, is providing key funding to local schools in Johannesburg.

Ylem Energy Ltd - UK Power Generation Projects


The timeline indicates the dates that Ylem Energy and its sister company Biogas Technology Limited, installed and commissioned utilisation to green house gas methane destruction projects.

First landfill gas project
10th MW commissioned
20th MW commissioned
Entered Brazil
Entered Peru and Chile
Entered China
Entered Poland + 50th MW commissioned
Entered Mexico
Entered Spain
Entered Hungary + 100th MW commissioned
Products installed in Mauritius
Entered UAE
Site trials in Romania
Entered Morocco + 150th MW commissioned
Explored Slovakia
Explored Serbia
175th MW commissioned
Rebrand to Ylem Energy
Ylem acquired Biogas Technology Ltd
Flexible generation and storage systems launched

Meet the Executive and Management Team

Ylem Energy's executive and management team is built on many decades of experience in delivering smart energy generation and management throughout the world.

Ian Gadsby
Managing Director

Ian has been working within the landfill / biogas sector from its inception and has 28 years of sector experience during which Ian has occupied various roles, from installations manager through to General Manager, and Managing Director.  Ian initially joined Ylem’s sister company Biogas Technology Ltd at its establishment in the early 1990’s and developed the landfill gas flaring and gas collection business. Ian was also responsible for expanding the business activity of Biogas in to the carbon credit market. As one of the leading landfill gas companies to globally embrace the Clean Development Mechanism, Biogas developed landfill gas projects in diverse new territories such as Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, UAE, China.  Ian has more recently taken on the role of Managing Director of Ylem Energy Limited  (October 2013) and is responsible for the oversight of the division’s activity throughout the UK, Europe, South Africa and Mexico.

Stuart Watson
Operations and Engineering Director

Stuart has over 26 years of sector experience during which he has occupied various roles from Project Technician to Operations & Engineering Director. Stuart's electrical and mechanical experience led to joining Ylem Energy 1998 where he was tasked with developing their newly NFFO accredited landfill gas power generation portfolio.

Following successful commissioning of numerous facilities over a short timescale, Stuart was awarded directorship and took lead operations position. Organic development in numerous jurisdictions including Poland, Hungary, Spain, Lithuania, Mexico and South Africa required Stuart to create, train, then manage several multiskilled teams to drive performance excellence.

Paul Noland
Finance Director

Paul is Finance Director for Ylem Energy with responsibility for the financial management and leadership of the finance function throughout the UK, Europe, South Africa and Mexico. He joined Ylem Energy in March 2013 and was previously Head of Corporate Funding for the group.

Before joining Ylem Energy, Paul was an Assistant Director in Deloitte’s Debt Advisory business, advising numerous FTSE 250 and private equity backed businesses on their funding structures.

Prior experience also includes M&A advisory at Deloitte. Paul is a Fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, having qualified with KPMG.

Jon Feingold
Jon Feingold
Business Development Director

Jon has enjoyed a long and successful career in the energy and utilities sectors. Early career roles included a three-year stint with Mobil Exxon as a regional commercial director. In 1996 he was a founder of the Manchester-based Pennine Natural Gas Ltd, a company that quickly established itself as the UK’s largest independent supplier of business gas.

Jon also founded Natural Gas Shipping Services Ltd and both companies were subsequently acquired by the Russian energy giant Gazprom in 2006. Jon retained a senior role in the management team that saw the company grow to become one of the largest suppliers of gas in the UK. During his 12-year tenure at Gazprom, Jon held a number of positions, including commercial director, chief commercial officer and managing director.

Simon Mitchell
Head of Business Development - Flexibility

Simon has worked in the energy industry for over 15 years, firstly for a large energy consultancy before holding several roles for one of the big six energy suppliers.

During this time Simon has gained significant experience of the industry with particular focus on the shift from a centralised energy system to a decentralised energy system and held roles including the responsibly for the commercial management of several large CHP plants, managing the entry of a distribution connected portfolio of assets into the UK Capacity Market and building Demand Side Response and Energy Storage Solutions for B2B customers.

At Ylem Energy Simon will be responsible for growing the flexibility side of the business and bringing new and innovative solutions for customers to the market

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to developing sustainable business practices and initiatives that benefit our customers, partners and colleagues, and are mindful of the social and environmental consequences of our actions. We continually seek to improve and implement measures that will help us to sustain and continually improve on our status as a responsible organisation.

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Visions and values
  • We deal honestly and respectfully with our colleagues, customers and partners, aiming to develop and deliver the very best products and services, as sustainably as possible.
  • This vision is guided by a strong set of values that we promote across our organisation.
  • Successful & profitable long-term relationships are built on trust. Integrity underpins all of our commercial transactions, and the behaviour of our team.
  • We lead by example, take responsibility for our actions and the promises we make, and always behave in an ethical, honest and transparent way to the benefit of our customers, industry and the wider community.
  • In a world of depleting natural resources, we must endeavour to conserve, and re-use, leading by example through our best practice in sustainability.
  • We are proud of our people – our prime asset. We recognise and value their expertise, diversity, dedication, enthusiasm and passion for work.
  • We aim to create a working environment where excellence, commitment and achievement are recognised and rewarded.
  • We provide a safe and secure working environment, and a level of care that generates trust, respect, open and honest communication and appreciation.
  • We exist to serve our customers. We must fulfil our customer’s needs and ensure that we constantly provide the highest standard of service and exceed their expectations.
  • We provide a bespoke service to all customers, anticipating their requirements and responding quickly and efficiently to enquiries.
  • We believe that every member of our team, whether or not their role is customer focused, is an ambassador for the business and helps to maintain our reputation. They should uphold the customer service values of the business at all times.
  • We seek out the highest quality in our products and services.
  • We are proud of our high professional standards, best practice process and the quality and reliability of our products.
  • We promote a quality-focused culture, both internally and externally.

Our Accreditations

Ylem Energy has the following accreditations for its day-to-day operation:

ISO 9001 Quality Management
Gas Safe Register
ISO 14001 Environmental Management

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